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QHHT Experience

Getting to know you

The entire QHHT process is relaxing and intimate.


Your session will begin with a casual interview where I’ll spend a few hours getting to know you.

You'll share the story of your life with me and we’ll discuss important factors, like the things that made you who you are today and why you chose to have a session.  


We will also read through and discuss the questions that you brought to ask your Higher Self (see Preparation section below).


Everything you share is of course, kept in the strictest of confidence, with absolutely no judgement from me whatsoever.  


The better I can understand you and your life experiences, the better I can facilitate your hypnosis session and help you find the answers and healing that you are seeking for your life.



The QHHT method is peaceful and easy. 


While lying down comfortably, you'll begin with a series of visualizations and sensations that are extremely positive and pleasant, similar to following a guided meditation.


Using gentle rhythmic speech and tone, I will lead you into a deep, natural state of relaxation, as you verbally express to me what you are noticing and experiencing.

Past Life Regression

We'll transition into scenes from your current life, past lives, or even future lifetimes.


If you don't believe in other lives, that's perfectly okay. Your Higher Self, or Subconscious, knows you and will present things in the way that is most suitable for you.


Think of it as being shown a movie in your mind or told a story - all about you! Most people will see themselves in important scenes, much like being in a dream.


This is all to help you understand yourself and your life better and to guide you toward your highest path.


Your Higher Self

Once we've explored your life scenes, we enter the phase of the session where we'll be working directly with your all-knowing Higher Self.


I'll ask for permission to speak with your Subconscious, while you allow your conscious mind to just observe and take a break.


It’s that simple!  



We will ask for the reasons why the previous scenes were chosen to be shown to you. The Higher Self will explain the purpose of these experiences and how they pertain to your life right now.


We will address any physical symptoms or conditions you may have, asking for healing and understanding of their origins and purpose. 


We will also ask the Subconscious to perform a full body scan looking for any areas that could use energetic adjustments and healing. Your Higher Self is more than happy to provide all of this with loving care.


Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility, and you will receive exactly what is appropriate for your body at this time.


I will present all the questions you brought with you, asking them directly to your Subconscious.


There is no need to worry about anything startling or uncomfortable being revealed. Your Higher Self always has your best interest in mind and knows exactly what you need and are ready for.


You will receive precisely the information that is meant to help you, all with complete gentleness and love.


Awakening Back to Consciousness

Once we have asked all your questions and your Higher Self has completed its guidance, it will be time to end the session.  I will then lead you through the “counting out” process, which will slowly and easily bring you back to full consciousness.


Once you open your eyes and stretch out, you'll feel like you just took the most restful nap ever. Within just a few moments, you'll feel totally refreshed and excited to talk about your experience!


Session Review                                                        


We will discuss your experience, going over the highlights from what you can recall.


What each individual remembers from their session is different. Some feel like they remember everything, others recall bits and pieces, and some seem to immediately forget the majority of the session.


Not to worry, no matter which category you fall into, your session is recorded and will be provided to you shortly after.

After your session, it's perfectly normal to sleep very deeply for a few nights.  You’ll want to pay attention to and write down details of any vivid dreams you may have. Dreams can be another form of communication from your Higher Self.


The first several days after your session, it's common for the mind to continue digesting and processing the experience.


During this time, you may have new ideas, feel more relaxed and full of life, and even notice lower stress levels, just to name a few benefits.


Session Recording

This is where the real magic happens!

It is recommended to listen to your recording as often as possible in the weeks and months following your session.


It's ok if you don't feel like you're ready to listen to it right away. Take your time to absorb this amazing experience, and then listen when you're ready! 

Listening to your recording will deepen the connection you made with your Subconscious, reinforce healing, and allow continued insight to come forth. Different words or feelings may stand out to you each time. 


You’ll be amazed at how your understanding deepens as you listen at different times in your life.


QHHT is a gift that keeps on giving!


Please also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section for more details about your QHHT session!


Before Your Session


For maximum benefits, you’ll want to enter your QHHT session with as clear a mind as possible.


Eat as healthy as possible and stay hydrated in the days leading up to your session.


You'll want to completely avoid any mind altering substances, including unnecessary medications where possible. If 2 -3 days prior isn't an option, then maybe just the night before.


The goal is to begin raising your awareness as much as possible. 

If you have a meditation or yoga practice, this can be a helpful way to prepare, as it quiets your conscious mind.


The day of your session, avoid coffee in the morning if you can, as caffeine can also lessen your ability to deeply relax during your session. 

List of Questions


You’ll want to brainstorm the best possible questions to ask your Subconscious prior to your session.


This is a critical part of the process so be sure to take your time here. Thinking about these questions will stimulate your connection to your Higher Self.


Write your questions down to ensure you ask everything you want to know and get the exact answers you're looking for.


Be sure to either print them or write them clearly on paper as legibly as possible, and bring them with you for your session.


We'll go over them when we meet and then again while you are in the deep state of relaxation.

The following are categories to help you brainstorm your questions.


Life Purpose

Are you at a crossroads in life at the moment?  Have any big decisions been looming that could have a huge impact on the direction of your life?  


Through QHHT you have the opportunity to understand your authentic self on a most profound level.


Your session will allow you to find out what you're truly meant to do with your time here on Earth.  Consider diving into the most important questions you have about your life, including your life's purpose!



During your session I'll guide your Subconscious to scan the body from head-to-toe and reveal any areas needing energetic healing or realignment.


For many, this is the greatest benefit of their session, and you can even request the same for a loved one - including pets.  There are no boundaries! 


Be sure to list any questions that you may have relating to health, well-being, and vitality.


You're free to explore all areas of health for yourself or your loved ones. This includes medications, physical discomfort, illnesses of any kind, optimal foods to eat and/or instructions on exercise.


Find out how to give your body exactly what it needs by going directly to your ultimate source of knowledge.



Have you ever wondered if you had a past life with someone close to you?  Maybe you have a sense of curiosity about why you've met someone or the purpose of someone being in your life?


These answers can be discovered through QHHT.


You’ll be able to look past the surface of your relationships and peer into their real depth. Learn the tools to solve any conflict or understand someone on a deeper level.


If you are on the fence about a relationship, this guidance can steer you along the best course for your life's journey.


Have you ever had anything happen to you that seemed wild or unexplainable?


Maybe you've experienced some intriguing feelings that you find difficult to pinpoint or fully understand. This could include vivid dreams or perhaps you've experienced angelic energies or other higher realms of intelligence?


Your QHHT session will be opening a doorway into the highest levels of your consciousness. 

Open your mind to your greatest curiosities!

Please also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section for more details about your QHHT session!

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