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  • Can I be hypnotized?

Every person has the potential to reach the natural levels of trance.  When you fall asleep nightly, you are passing through the Theta state, as it happens just before reaching Delta sleep.

Technically, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  So in your QHHT session, the depth of your hypnosis is really...all up to you


However much you are able to relax, quiet your thinking mind, and trust your Higher Self... will determine the strength of connection that you make with the greater part of you.  The best way to help yourself in this process is to give no effort at all, just allow - it's that easy!

  • Can QHHT help me?

Results and information gleaned  from your session will always be individual and are based on your unique needs, and what your highest intelligence knows is appropriate for your life at this time.  If you are ready to look deeply at what is asking to be released and healed from your life, this powerful method can be highly beneficial.


QHHT can help nearly everyone. When using this technique, the only participant exceptions are those with schizophrenia, multiple personalities, Alzheimer's/dementia and those under the age of 16.  In such cases where a person is unable to participate in a session for these or any other reasons, please inquire about a "Surrogate Session".


  • Can sessions be done remotely?

A proper QHHT session can only be done in person.  This is to ensure the client's complete comfort and well-being during hypnosis.

  • How long is a session?

Each person’s session is unique, and it is best not to rush this incredibly powerful process.  Our total time together could last around 6-7 hours, but you will not be under hypnosis the entire time.  Dolores Cannon always said, "It takes as long as it takes," because we allow your Higher Self to guide the session.


It's best to keep your schedule clear for the whole of the day if possible, so you won't feel anxious about leaving the session at a certain time.  You may also desire to keep the remainder of your day as a quiet, reflective time for yourself.


  • How many sessions will I need?

QHHT has powerful effects, and often just one session is needed.  However, once you've fully integrated the healing and guidance, you are always welcome to come back again for more insight as you continue to journey down your life's path.

  • How many questions can I ask?

Typically, around 15-20 questions is a good amount. This is to ensure we have plenty of time to obtain all the answers you seek.

  • What do I need the day of my session?

On your session day, dress comfortably and bring your list of questions with you.  Please bring them printed out or written legibly on paper. 


  • Can I bring a friend or family member?

Sorry, guests are not permitted in the session, and there is no waiting room at the office. Your session will need to be completely private, so it is imperative that no guests accompany you for the duration of the process.


However, your session is recorded and provided to you within a few days, so you are welcome to share it with whomever you'd like.  


  • Can I bring food?

Of course! On the day of your session, I am happy to provide water, herbal teas and a few light snacks.  You’re also welcome to bring a lunch or anything else you prefer.  There is a refrigerator and microwave available for your use.


Just be conscious of how much liquid you consume on the day of your session. We want to make sure you're able to completely relax, so we try to limit the number of breaks needed.


It is also recommended to avoid caffeinated beverages the morning of, as caffeine can lessen your ability to deeply relax during your session.  

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